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Empowering Our
Students’ with
Mental &
Physical Strength.

Educating &
Inspiring Our

the Mind, Body
& Spirit Through
Martial Arts.

We encourage you to join us in our quest.

Our mission is to guide and encourage each student to achieve their abilities, build confidence, and strengthen the physical ability to defend themselves through training in the martial arts. At TKI we make a personal investment and encourage students of any ability to elevate themselves to higher levels of achievement.

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Little Warriors

Ages 4 - 6

The Little Warriors Class is an enthusiastic and fun introduction to the karate for children 4 – 6 years old.  The classes are a blast to take and teach and the Little Warriors work hard for their achievements.

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Junior Warriors

Ages 7 - 12

The Junior Warrior Class might be the most fun class offered at the Twinsburg Karate Institute.  The class is dynamic and competitive and students learn quickly in the class.

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Teens & Adults

Ages 13 & Older

This class focuses on teaching basic to advance kicking and punching techniques, as well as self-defense series and grappling techniques. Students will develop both physical and mental self-discipline.

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Twinsburg Karate Institute
Sensei Reggie Brown
Reggie Brown is a 3rd Degree Black Belt with the Karate Institute and has been training in martial arts since 1987 and is the head instructor at the Twinsburg Karate Institute. He has participated in many martial arts competitions and throughout the United States. In 1992 he achieved his first Black Belt and opened a school in Twinsburg, Ohio in 2000.
Sensei Craig Zemanek
Craig Zemanek is a 1st Degree Black Belt with the Karate Institue. He has been training since 2001 and became a Black Belt in 2008. He is a certified class A instructor and has a great attention for detail. He has also participated in Scouting activities in the Twinsburg area for 35 years as a member and a leader and he is also a member of the Twinsburg Community Emergency Response Team.
Sensei Zach Voelker
Zachary Voelker is the newest 1st Degree Black Belt at the Twinsburg Karate Institute. He has a passion for martial arts and competes in many martial arts events and tournaments. Zachary is an excellent instructor and has a great ability to work with and teach children.

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