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Homeschool Class

Thursdays at 1pm (Class is 1 hour)

There is a strong and dedicated Homeschooling community in northeast Ohio and traditionally, parents who participate in homeschooling value respect, responsibility, and the life skills that we teach at the Twinsburg Karate Institute. We offer a class designed for homeschooled students that meets weekly for one hour. The class teaches traditional martial arts skills and is fun, active, and educational. Members of the class learn respect, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-control, while having fun learning martial arts. The class may also meet the homeschooling P.E. requirement.

Class meets Thursdays at 1:00 pm (1 hour)

· Develop respect for self and others inside and outside of the dojo
· Develop and improve self-confidence
· Develop responsibility for ones actions and manage personal activities as required
· Learn basic and advanced techniques for self-defense and traditional martial arts
· Develop independence and the ability to direct one’s own actions
· Learn and practice leadership skills inside and outside the dojo

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