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Kicking Spring Into Gear at Twinsburg Karate Institute

The students of the Twinsburg Karate Institute put their skills, determination and discipline on display April 12, as martial artists from 5 to 51 years old participated in a spring tournament.

More than 50 competitors, including orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black belts from the Cleveland, Munson and Twinsburg Karate Institutes, gathered to compete for trophies in kumite (sparring), chanbara sparring (padded weapons), kata (forms) and weapons kata.

The katas were scored on an Olympic point system by Twinsburg Karate Institute Sensei Reggie Brown. The first competitors to score three hits won the sparring matches.

Brown said the event was a big success.

“The great thing about the tournament was it gave the students an opportunity to demonstrate the techniques and skills they have practiced for years,” Brown said. “Tournaments help them develop their confidence, their discipline and their competitiveness.”

Students will next participate in an annual fundraiser for The Make a Wish Foundation, which wraps up with a kick-a-thon June 15. Then, on July 12, many students will gather for the Summer Points Tournament at the Cleveland Karate Institute.