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My son, Noah, started taking classes at the Twinsburg Karate Institute when he was 4.5.  As with most 4 year old boys, he was having trouble listening and following directions and I was looking for something to help me get control of his behavior before it got out of hand.  Karate proved to be the perfect solution.  In the past eight months, I have watched my little boy, with a tenancy to just want to goof around and be silly, grow into a child with a sense of discipline and self control.  Sensei Brown is the perfect combination of stern authority figure, wise teacher, and playful friend.  The classes are structured in a way that give students a chance to work on their mental focus as well as the athletic and technical skills that go along with the sport.  Class is always ended with a game that motivates my son to keep coming back several times a week. Sensei Brown has worked hard to create a family environment in the dojo.  He plans monthly movie nights to give the students an opportunity to bond and know each other outside of the class setting as well as family events that allow the parents to get to know each other.  I, without any reservations, give my highest recommendations to the Twinsburg Karate Institute and have no doubt that anyone who tries it will be satisfied with their decision.

Jennifer B.

qandpWe first joined TKI when our son was 4, in 2010. In 2014 our daughter joined as well. There is no question that Sensei Brown has helped shape who are kids are today. The instructors are hands down the best around. Their mission is based on fun, motivation, success and discipline. Sensei Brown and the rest of the staff do an unbelievable job of teaching our children the basics of karate, as well as respect and listening skills. TKI does not churn out students and when you join you are not “buying” your belts. you are earning them, but it takes time. Our son talks every day about the day he will become a black belt. by the time he’s ready we will have been here for 12 years. TKI is family to us and we would never consider any other karate studio.

Drew and Blythe D.

Our 6 year old son, Jack, has found the past six months of karate to be personally rewarding, fun, and he genuinely loves coming each week! We are thankful to have found a great fit for him to build his confidence and discipline through the Twinsburg Karate Institute.

Sara N.

My daughter (8 years old) has been taking karate at the Twinsburg Karate Institute for seven months.  In her words, “Karate is so much fun!”.  In addition to the skills and techniques of karate taught at TKI, she has learned many life lessons. Self control, patience, respect, confidence and practice are just some of the key words to describe TKI.  Sensei Brown is an amazing instructor.  The respect he shows for his students is returned by the respect his students show him. It takes a special person to connect with and teach both youth and adults. I would recommend Sensei Brown and his staff at TKI to anyone interested in learning the art of Karate.

Carol M.

juliedTwinsburg Karate Institute is great! I’ve studied martial arts for several years (when I was younger) and I always knew that I wanted my children to do the same. I did a lot of research and was very critical of where I wanted them to study, we even tried out a few schools before making a decision. Twinsburg Karate Institute was far and wide the best. The facility is large and clean and very accommodating to both students and parents. The curriculum is both comprehensive as well as beginner friendly, with class sizes that allow for plenty of interaction (with other students and instructors) as well as personal attention when needed. Pricing is definitely reasonable, especially with the amount of opportunities to attend classes. There are even open mat times offered and an add-on option for one-on-one instruction if desired. There are also fun special events including movie nights, bowling outings and several other opportunities for students to be involved. All of these factors help create an excellent environment for not only learning karate but also discipline, respect for oneself as well as respect for others, all while having FUN and getting in much needed exercise (especially during those winter months where cabin fever is rampant).

And last but not least, all of the instructors and student assistants are very knowledgeable and friendly. And Sensei Brown himself is amazing! He really knows how to captivate his students to keep them involved and interested. He has amazing patience and a real knack for teaching children in a way that is strict but more importantly very engaging and fun. My oldest son has only been going a few months, he’s  almost five-years-old, and I have already seen such improvement. He has better focus and manners and these classes are great exercise for him. Needless to say I will continue to send my kid(s) to Twinsburg Karate Institute because we love it and I cannot say enough good things about it!

This picture is of my son Griffin, after his first class. He’s giving his best ‘mean face’.

Julie D. (Photo Attached)

Sensei Brown is the only person I know who can make 15 6-year olds stand at attention with complete discipline. Sensei Brown creates a family atmosphere at his dojo.  He goes out of his way with multiple events for all his students throughout the year.  Examples are movie nights, holiday party, and canoe trips.

Paul P. 

The Twinsburg Karate Institute is a fantastic karate dojo.  Sensei Brown is truly a Master Teacher who provides outstanding karate instrution.  Matthew has not only learned karate, but self discipline, manners, focus, and respect.  Under Sensei Brown’s individualized instruction, Matthew has become stronger, faster, and more accurate.  Best of all, Matthew is learning these skills in a safe and fun environment. Our family is very impressed with the overall quality of the Twinsburg Karate Institute, and we highly recommend it.

Lisa G.

As a father, I have been very impressed with the impact Sensei Brown and the Karate Institute have had on my son. It has provided discipline, focus, confidence and athletic skills for him. I was a skeptic at first because of my bias towards “traditional” sports, but our family is now a huge supporter of the Karate Institute.

Craig A.

I remember before we enrolled our middle school age daughter, she tried out a class and I watched. They were grappling that day.  A boy had her closed to pinned down.  Sensei yelled at the her, “Are you going to take that from him?”. I wish every young girl took his class.  We enrolled immediately.

The dojo teaches karate. But, it also teaches empowerment, teamwork  and leadership. The students, even the very young ones, take turns leading certain segments of the class, like warm up. Sensei encourages them to find their voice. Some of my daughter’s favorite times at TKI were when she got to “teach”.

Mary P.

The Twinsburg Karate Institute is a gem. As a community we are fortunate to have such an amazing resource. It would be easy to praise the all the Sensei(s). They are are great people. More importantly, the quality of character the students. Students learn that they EARN their ranks. Ranks are not given just for participating. Students, and families, benefit from lessons learned at TKI.

Mike J.

I HIGHLY recommend Sensei allrown and the Twinsburg Institute.  Sensei Brown is the real deal, he walks the walk along with his other Sensei’s there.  Sensei has taught my kids respect, discipline, the importance of being in a community and charity, hard work, as well as what happens when you don’t put in hard work.   The Twinsburg karate institute has helped to enhance our family to be even better during such programs as the Make a wish kick-a-thon, canoe trips, clean the dojo day,  and the mother’s day challenge.  Sensei Brown is patient and kind but can be tough when needed.  Sensei and the Twinsburg Karate institute has been a huge part of my family life for over 8 years and I am forever grateful for the gifts all of the Sensei’s have taught my kids.

Sharon M.

jsHaving our son take classes at Twinsburg Karate was one of the best decisions we have made. Not only has it helped develop his focus, respect, and discipline, but it has also helped us feel like a part of the community with different family-oriented events held at the school. Sensei Brown is wonderful with the children. It has been a very positive experience.

Jen S.

My 6 grader has been attending Twinsburg Karate Institute since kindergarten. This is the place where kids learn respect and discipline without anyone raising their voice at them. Sensei Brown is a great mentor. Kids listen to him, and I’ve seen some remarkable transformations in children’s behavior over the years.
This is not the place where you get a quick black belt. Here you have to work for every belt and every stripe. Once you got it, you know you earned it.

Recently my son participated in the karate tournament and I was very impressed with his improvement. Despite his petite frame, he knows many self defense techniques and can stand up for himself.

If you’re considering introducing your child to martial arts, Twinsburg Karate Institute is the place to be.

Julia Z.