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TKI Helps Empower Women, Benefits Family of Tami Mitchell Wong

In light of a recent murder that allegedly stemmed from a domestic situation, and in keeping with a decade of helping women empower themselves with simple self-defense techniques, the Twinsburg Karate Institute on Darrow Road will conduct a free women’s self-defense class March 20 from 7:15 to 8:30 p.m.

Through donations, the class will directly benefit Tami Mitchell Wong’s family, following the fatal stabbing of the mother of two Feb. 24 at her Abrams Drive home. Her husband, Glenn Wong, has been arrested and charged with aggravated murder in the matter.

“This is a great class for women to attend to learn how to not only defend themselves but how to disarm an attacker,” said Ann Ma, an administrator at the institute.

Black belt instructors, including the Twinsburg Karate Institute’s Sensei Reggie Brown, will be present to teach lessons and answer questions about domestic abuse situations. The goal of the class is to empower women to fight back, Brown said, as women will learn how to avoid dangerous situations as well as how to defend themselves against an attacker, with or without a weapon.

“What’s neat is this is not a martial arts class,” Brown said March 8. “It teaches some simple things to help women defend themselves should they ever need to do so. It’s for young, old, strong or not so strong … the techniques are very simple and they work on the physics of a situation … not the strength of a person.”

Brown added that the goal is to help women feel empowered in any instance that might escalate to violence.

“Whether or not you choose to fight is a personal decision,” he said. “But if you do decide to fight, you should be capable of doing so.”

A big turnout may require more instructors, Ma said, “though there will be plenty of black belts on hand to assist.”

There is no fee for the class and donations will be accepted for the family throughout the evening.

Ma said social workers are expected to attend as well, offering brochures and information about domestic abuse.

“Eighty percent of women who fight back get away,” Ma said. “But only 40 percent of women fight back. Be a part of the 80 percent.”

All of the women’s self-defense classes offered by the Twinsburg Karate Institute are free and supported by donations, Brown said, adding that past donations have gone to the Battered Women’s Shelter and funds for slain Twinsburg Officer Joshua Miktarian’s family.