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Little Warriors

Ages 4 - 6

The Little Warriors Class is an enthusiastic and fun introduction to the karate for children 4 – 6 years old. The classes are a blast to take and teach and the Little Warriors work hard for their achievements. Like all or our classes, the children develop personal responsibility, listening skills, and self-control. This class is a great way to give a child a head start in developing learning skills that they will use in school and home the rest of their lives.

Class Objectives

  • Practice listening and following basic to complex instructions
  • Develop respect for self and others inside and outside of the dojo
  • Develop the discipline to control actions and speech when required
  • Develop responsibility for ones actions and manage personal activities as required
  • Learn basic techniques for self-defense and traditional martial arts

Like all of the classes at the Twinsburg Karate Institute, ranks and promotions are earned, not given. It is a priority for us that students learn that achievements are the result of the amount of practice and effort applied. Helping students develop a strong work ethic and appreciation of their accomplishments is one of our biggest priorities.


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