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Twinsburg Karate Institute

The Twinsburg Karate Institute is a safe, family-oriented, environment where children, teens, and adults can learn martial arts. Training at the Twinsburg Karate Institute will help you develop martial arts and self-defense techniques that will serve and protect you for a lifetime.

Our focus, however, is to develop life skills in our students that will build character, respect, discipline, and responsibility. From the moment that you or your child walks in the door, responsibility for their actions and respect for others will begin, and continue well outside our dojo. We challenge ourselves and our members to begin a journey to be better students, better citizens, and better people.

We encourage you to join us in our quest.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide and encourage each student to achieve their abilities, build confidence, and strengthen the physical ability to defend themselves through training in the martial arts. At TKI we make a personal investment and encourage students of any ability to elevate themselves to higher levels of achievement.

  • We will empower our students’ with the mental and physical strength and the confidence to defend themselves.
  • We will promote peace, harmony, a hard work ethic, as well as mental and physical discipline in our students.
  • We will support, educated and inspire our students in adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • We will be organized in planning a valuable program, and will provide clear directions/expectations and feedback to our students.
  • We will help educate, motivate and support our students in a safe atmosphere, while challenging them to their limits.
  • We will help our students make themselves the best martial artist they can be by improving their physical, mental and emotional qualities of life.
  • We will strengthen the mind, body and spirit through the practice of Martial Arts. We will teach the principals of respect for oneself and others, honor, sense of accountability, accomplishment, courtesy, as well as the inner and outer strength needed in all aspects of life.

Classes for All Ages

We offer classes for students 4 years old to adults. Classes are fun, dynamic and challenging. Students are divided into classes by age and ranks and we have an open schedule, which means that students can attend any class, on any day. We do not count or limit classes. Click here to check our class schedules and descriptions.

About TKI

We teach traditional Kajukenpo Karate, a traditional martial art. Kajukenpo has a strong focus on kicking and striking, but is heavily influenced by judo and jujitsu, throwing and joint locking techniques. Grappling techniques have been added to provide students with ground fighting abilities. Click here to read more about our style..

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